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The Healing Garden 

Tuesday 11am till 3pm - at our own garden space at Lewisvale park

Stepping Out Healing Garden Project based at the Gatehouse in Lewisvale Park in Musselburgh , where we have created our very own vegetable and herb garden which provides us with lots of seasonal produce for Stepping Out meals and home use. 

Gardening helps increase physical activity, allows people to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.  The healing garden is a safe space were we work together as a group or individually on a personal growing project. We grow to use and learn about  healthier eating and new produce, with one of our Project Workers alongside the Lifestyle Motivator. Our Healing Garden has also been a haven for our members and a hub where they can enjoy a cup of tea and some peer support.

Mindful presence is tied to a long list of positive outcomes, like relationship satisfaction and less emotional reactivity. The garden can be a protected place where we practice being where we are and actually doing what we're doing.

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