We welcome referrals from health, social work and other volountary organisations.


We do not currently take self referrals.


You can use the referral form at the bottom of this page and if there is any additional information you want to give us, we are happy for you to call. Sometimes an informal chat can help us to get a clearer idea of how to make the initial contact more effective.


There is no charge for any of the activities we offer and transport can usually be arranged.


(Some NHS staff have had issues using our online referral form. If a problem occurs, please try accessing it through firefox browser as opposed to internet explorer. If problems persist, please download a word version of our form from the link below and save and send manually)

Stepping Out

North Berwick Community Centre

8 Law Road

North Berwick

EH39 4PN 01620893056

Charity SCO32371

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